Candy with a cause

Candy with a cause

There has never been a better time to indulge in delicious halal mouth watering gummies. Salahuddin's Sweets has worked with various charities over the past two years using a percentage of your purchases to make a difference to those in need. 

Currently we have joined forces with 'SPOT'. 'Supporting the People Of Tomorrow' is a charity dedicated to implementing change in rural Africa. The charity runs on a 100% donation policy ensuring all funds raised are used to make a real change to those in need.

The current project consists of building a fully viable masjid attached to a school with separate living facilities. A place for the orphans and poor to be educated in a safe, self-sustainable building.  

Previously the orphanage facilities were dire, there was severe overcrowding and children would learn and sleep in the same room.

With the will of Allah your contributions will make a huge difference. We will give update you as the project progresses so you are able to see the vast difference your contributions made.

Share with your family and friends! Place your order to make a difference today.

Click the link to see how much has been raised so far -> Spot